4 Ağustos 2008 Pazartesi

1 Agustos 2008, Babanin Dogum Gunu ve Test Sonuclari

Lara babasina supriz dogum gunu partisi hazirladi. Iyi ki dogdun Baba!

Dun alinan kemik iligi orneginden yapilan testin sonuclari bugun geldi.
Gectigimiz 5 haftalik donemde yapilan kemoterapi tedavisinin bir sonuc vermedigini duymak yureklerimizi parcaladi. Ama silkelenip, onumuzdeki gunlere hedeflenmek
, tum pozitif gucumuzu yeniden toparlamak cok da vaktimizi almadi.

Onumuzdeki gunlerde, Lara'ya aynen, gectigimiz donemde ki gibi, kolay gecirmesini diliyorum.

Canim ablam ve enisteme sonsuz guc ve sabir.

Sulhi's Birthday! & Test Results
we just got some more results from the bone marrow test, the initial flow cytometry results (to be confirmed on monday by a second lab) - unfortunately it looks like that this first round of chemo didn't get rid of the leukemia - sorry about giving you good news, just to take it away couple of hours later

so what does this mean? means we'll start another round of chemo (likely with a different combination of chemo drugs) some time next week
and unfortunately it also means that we will not be going home for a little while

disappointed, but we still believe...

with the help of her friends, mom and auntie, lara put together a small birthday party for her dad in her hospital room today.

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